MEP Design

Designed Energy efficient, highly reliable and Power quality tolerant very complex MEP industrial and commercial installation, office, residential, IT complexes. 

MEP Design Basis and Methodology

Understanding project requirement.

Detailed Engineering calculation and design is based on Understanding of customer Requirement, collection of data.

Finalization of design criteria to meet project requirement.

Designs are done by holistic approach taking into account System/process requirement, energy efficiency, Energy Monitoring, Power quality immunity and Emission requirements, reactive power management and harmonic control, Grounding Requirement for sensitive Electronic Equipments, Safety and reliability aspects which helps optimize maintenance cost .Designs are carried out as per National and International Standards and best Practices .

Preparation of detailed design basis Report.

For major projects, Load flow and short circuit studies, motor starting studies , fault analysis and harmonic analysis including branch circuit losses are carried out by using EMTP EATP software.

Detailed Layouts with sections and Drawings are provided.

Preparation of concept, co-ordination, Good for construction and shop Drawings.

Detailed working of bill of quantities and tenders with detailed technical specifications.

MEP Vendor evaluation .

Invitation of tenders, analysis of tenders.

Tender and quotation evaluation and preparation of comparative statements

Scrutiny and certification of contractor bills and measurements

Periodic Site visits to monitor quality and progress of work

Pre-commissioning Testing services are offered along with consultancy Services.

Issue of completion certificate

Design objectives

Design of MEP Installation with Energy efficiency, Power quality immunity and Emission, safety, Environment friendly , Reliable system complying to National and International Standards and code of Practice .

Optimization of design and services with life cycle cost benefit analysis

Adequate monitoring and Control System for better operation and control .

Maximum use of Natural Resources and integration of renewable Energy resources.

Modular approach in Design with Redundancy and Flexibility.

Cost optimization without affecting technical requirement.

Life cycle cost-based design approach to achieve lowest Energy Consumption.

Life cycle cost-based design approach to achieve lowest Energy Consumption.


Electrical Design Services for Industrial, commercial, IT , educational , Mall , Hospitals , Hotels , Test Laboratories , Residential and all other projects

Design of EMS and SCADA.

Preparation of drawings, layouts.

Preparation of BOQ and Tender documents.

Proof reading consultancy.

Green building Design.

Design of Solar Roof top /ground mounted Systems.

Design and integration of Renewable Energy sources.

Design of security System Viz. Fire alarm, CCTV , access Control .

Design of DG Systems.

Building Lightning protection design and assessment.

Design of transient Protection.

Reactive power management and AHF Sizing and Specifications.

House automation, Sound System.

Substation Design


Detailed heat load calculation.

Design of HVAC system as per Requirement and Applicable Standards.

Draft of detailed technical specifications of High Side HVAC equipments.

Draft of detailed technical specifications of low side HVAC equipments.

Preparation of HVAC layouts, SLDs.

Design of BMS services.

Techno-commercial analysis of various options.

Energy saving and Payback Calculations.

Preparation of Bill of Quantities.

Preparation of Estimates and Tender Documents.

HVAC system detailed performance analysis


Understanding machine wise compressed air requirement.

Calculation of compressor capacity to meet required pressure and volume.

Design of Compressed Header ring with sizing of receivers considering pressure drop and Energy Efficiency.

Detailed Compressed Air header diagram, layout with sizes, location and sizing of compressed Air receivers.

Sizing of Air compressor to meet requirement considering volume and pressure

Draft of detailed compressor specifications of air compressor , dryers and receivers .

Simulation of complete Compressed Header system for pressure drop validations

Comparison of various Air compressor Technologies with cost benefit analysis.

Design of controls for Air compressors .


Study of Provisional fire NOC , requirements of NBC 2016 , NFPA , FM Global standards as applicable

Design of fire hydrant and sprinkler services

Sizing and specifications of Hydrant and sprinkler Pumps

Preparation of drawings , layouts and sections .

Preparation of bill of quantities and estimates

Preparation of tender documents .

Evaluation of received Tenders and preparation of comparative statements

Preparation of GFC drawings

Approval of shop drawings and GTPs prepared by Contractor



Determination of maximum load in KW by load calculation .

Study of shadow less area and sizing of Roof top/Ground mounted Solar PV system as per REC and local utility norms

Preparation of layout , SLD .

Draft of technical specifications SPV module , inverter and other SPV components

Preparation of bill of Bill of quantities and estimates

Preparation of Tender document .

Evaluation of received tender and preparation of comparative statements .

Approval of GTP and shop drawings


Preparation of EMS and PQMS , BMS scheme

Draft of software requirements , KPI , Sub KPI , benchmarking

Preparation of layouts and scheme

Preparation of bill of quantities and estimates

Preparation of Tender .

Approval of shop drawings


Study of normal , cooling tower and chilled water requirement .

Sizing of chiller, Chilled water system pumps , cooling towers , PHE

Sizing of over head and under ground buffer tanks

Preparation of P&I diagram , Chilled water plant room layout , Piping layout

Economic sizing of cooling tower and chilled water pipe lines .

Design of make up water requirements .

Preparation of DBR

Presentation of DBR

Draft of chiller , cooling tower , PHE , chilled water pumps specifications

Preparation of RFQs and Tenders

Preparation of estimates

Preparation of concept layout , GFC drawings , sections

Certification of shop drawings prepared by Vendor

Witness pre-commissioning test before charging of installation .

Certification of as built drawings prepared by Vendors


Calculation of water demand

Design of plumbing system and hydraulic calculation

Preparation of plumbing layouts

Draft of technical Specifications

Preparation of Bill of Quantities

Preparation of Estimates

Issue of GFC drawings

Certification of TDS /GTP

Measurement certification and certification of bills


Proof reading of MEP design , DBR , Layouts from Energy efficiency , Cost optimization , Performance , compliance to statutory requirements ,Safety and Reliability Point of view .Submission of detailed report with recommendations .

Energy efficiency and Power quality consultation at MEP design stage :

In todays competitive era while designing every Industrial and commercial facility MEP services needs to consider Operational performance , Energy efficiency and reliability .MEP facilities designed by holistic approach helps to meet design objectives and eliminate retrofit /replacement /corrective actions during plant operation .Power quality parameters governs efficiency, operational and life performance of Electrical and Electronic Equipments .We offer consultation for MEP power quality tolerant and compliant , energy efficient design with adaptive control scheme to control utility systems to meet variable process requirement , accommodate environmental changes .


Planning of sub-station layout.

Physical design.

Electrical design.

Draft of substation Equipment specifications.

Load Flow Studies.

Sub-station Grounding design as per IEEE standard 80.

Tendering of Electrical Items.



Right of way.

Overhead transmission line design.

Underground Transmission line design.

Over head distribution line design.

Load flow studies and Power System Analysis

Draft of detailed specifications and preparation of BOQ.

Preparation of tender documents.

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