Electrical, general and fire safety assessment to identify gaps to enhance safety workplaces is key to minimize or eliminate risks by taking corrective actions. Exhaustive Electrical, general and fire safety audits are carried out by experts as per NBC2016, IEEE, NFPA, CEA2010 and applicable IS standards 

1) Electrical safety Audits:

Objective of Electrical safety audit is identification of risks related with electrical safety, unsafe procedures and evaluation of compliance with National and International Standards. Electrical safety audits are carried out by:

  • Thermography studies to identify hotspots due to bad termination, overloads, loose connections.
  • Earthing audit to identify earthing issues which creates shock hazards and unsafe working conditions.
  • Fault level assessment and verification of adequacy of switchgear and cables.
  • Assessment of size of switchgears and cables based on loading to identify overloaded circuits.
  • Physical inspection of complete facility and installation from electrical safety point of view as per applicable National and International standards and code to identify shock, fire and other hazards.
  • Assessment of adequacy of lightning protection of building and allied structure as per NBC 2016, IEC 62305 and IS 2309.
  • Review of hazardous area classification as per IS 5571.
  • Assessment of safety procedures, systems and PPEs, competence assessment of maintenance team in the area of Electrical safety,
  • Detailed report submission with recommendation and compliance evaluation as per National and International Standard.

2) General safety Audits:

Comprehensive general safety audits are carried out as per IS659, 1860,2825, 5903,8091,9474,11016, 11461, 13367, SP53, 4691, 5216,5571 ,818,3786 and 10224 by team of expert and detailed report with observation and recommendations is submitted.

3) Fire Audits:

Fire audit is carried out by team of experts as per NBC 2016, Applicable NFPA standard. Detailed assessment of existing fire fighting facility is carried out which involves:

  • Compliance as per NBC 2016, Fire NOC and applicable NFPA standard.
  • Fire prevention assessment.
  • Life safety assessment.
  • Exit requirement assessment.
  • Fire protection system assessment.
  • Sprinkler System assessment as per IS15105
  • Review of records, previous fire incidences, competence of operational staff, mock drills records.

4) Assessment of building lightning protection:

Adequate external and internal lightning protection of industrial , commercial and educational , hospital buildings is key to safe guard human and infrastructure against direct and indirect lightning strokes .Comprehensive building and allied structures lightning protection assessment is carried out as per IS 2309 , IEC 62305 , NBC 2016 .Risk assessment ,adequacy of external and internal lightning protection scheme is carried out .Rolling sphere method and Procedures as per IEC62305 are used for assessment. Report with observations, detailed evaluation /assessment with recommendations is submitted.

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